What is it?

The passport is your means of identification, to show that you are one of the exploration team! It is a printed booklet which shows you the places you can visit, where you will find interpretive contents, spaces, and people who know that you are an explorer and you want to know more about the Alt Pirineu Natural Park. You can get your passport stamped in these places.

Interpretation and information centres, Park activities run by approved companies, and vantage points within the boundaries of the Alt Pirineu Natural Park.

When you have collected enough stamps, you can claim your reward. If you take your passport to any of the two park offices, the team there will give you your prize.

So lets get out there and explore the Alt Pirineu Natural Park, and begin collecting those stamps!

More information

You can get your passport in any of the following places:
- In the Alt Pirineu Natural Park office in Llavorsí, or in the office in Seu d’Urgell.

You can get your passport stamped at the places listed here, after the visit or activity in question. In the case of shelters (hostels), the passport will be stamped once you make a purchase.

The passport stamps are obtained at the places or establishments indicated in the passport. The rewards are according to the number of stamps obtained, as follows: