Activity Material

Spring Time


In Spring birds build nests, lay their eggs, and feed their young once the clutch has hatched. Ample food is available, such as worms, seeds and different types of fruit.



Stories, games, anagrams, weather report diary... winter may seem to be a period of inactivity in the woods, but if we look closely, we will discover many hidden magical details. With the winter notebook we want to help you find these hidden details. But don't forget to wrap up well!



Summer is the time of year during which fruit ripens - I'm sure you can think of lots of fruit you like and you can eat in summer!
In nature we also find a lot of wild fruit, like blackberries for example.




Oh, I can't make it! As peaceful as I was sunbathing...! The magician staggered from side to side, rather like a bagpipe. He was in such a hurry that he didn't realize that leaves were falling from his suitcase, already full of autumn junk...

River games


Do you want to prepare your visit to the High Pyrenees Park from home? Is the weather bad and you haven't been able to get out to explore? Do you want to remember your visit to the park?. The following links will take you to games and activities which will help you answer all these questions:

Laboratori de l'aigua (Generalitat de Catalunya)