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MónNatura Pirineus

Here you can observe close up some of the wild animals that live in the Natural Park and participate in a wide range of educational activities.


Mountain refuges

In these mountain refuges you will be able to have your passport stamped if you have a drink or a meal, if you stay the night or if you take part in one of the activities the refuges offer.
The refuges taking part in this programme to date are the following:

Prison-Museum of Sort

The permanent exhibition at the Prison-Museum of Sort takes as its title El Camí de la Llibertat or The Road to Freedom. During the Second World War thousands of people, many of them Jewish, made the hazardous crossing of the Pyrenees in flight from Nazi barbarism. The mountain passes were silent witnesses to the many hardships these people endured, and this museum explains some of the challenges they had to face.


The deserted village of Santa Creu

The abandoned medieval village of Santa Creu de Llagunes is situated on top of a small hill in the valley of Siarb. Here you will find the remains of an enclosed, walled fortification from the Middle Ages that was built on top of an earlier human settlement that dates from roughly 1500 BC.


The House of the Brown Bear

At this centre you will get to know something of the life and habits of the biggest and most spectacular animal that lives within the Natural Park.
N.B.: The telephone is only answered when the centre is open.


The Sawmill of Àreu

An interpretive centre set by the river in natural surroundings which explains how until relatively recently the power of its water was harnessed to mill grain to make flour and to saw tree trunks to make wood for building.